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Hello all Today i gonna share something new to all my readers Lots of newbie asked me that how can we make money online from internet So let me Know you, it is not a easy task to make money online you must be a skilled person who has knowledge about blogging affiliate marketing , freelancing etc You must need to join courses related to them to study all of the professional stuff being a newbie you are nothing so, it’s a small effort from me i am sharing something which you can use to add some extra bucks to your pocket money i am talking about Tsu

tsū is a free social network that shares up to 90% of ad generated revenues with its users. its work like facebook and twitter you can use it as a social network and make money from it

tsū shares social revenues that come from third party ads, sponsorships and partnerships.

tsū receives 10% of the revenue your content generates in order to cover the costs of their server and website maintenance



How do I join Tsū?

New members can only join tsū by user invitation. This invite-only system enables them to track and distribute network revenue to the users who help tsū grow.

You’ll need an Invitation to join tsū.  And Here it Is – So let’s get Started!

Users on tsū monetize their content and network in an ongoing way, which means that your potential online earnings grow alongside your growing network of friends and followers.

Tsū’s algorithm automatically tracks, measures, and distributes revenue to the the right user and their Family Tree (their invited network).

How will I Earn Money on Tsū?

Tsu users are users just like any other social media platform. You get online to share content with your friends, family and business network.

The more you share, the greater your potential to earn some extra money.

You may not make a million, but you will earn more than you do for sharing on Facebook or Twitter, right? It’s your content, why should they keep all the revenue that are generated through your content

Want to Make Money Online with Tsu?

Here are the some Important Tips

Grow your Network

You’ll need to have a good number of followers and your posts need to be engaging in order to earn money. You also get paid when someone you invited actually joins Tsu.

So, start inviting your friends to join. Use the shortcode (your profile URL) so that your family tree – your network – grows. The stronger your network, the more sharing, the more revenue potential.

Avoid spamming and other tactics. You will be banned. Just go out there and start inviting your friends and colleagues.

As they join and share, your revenue will grow. Once the accumulated amount in your Tsu account hits the $100 mark, you can cash it out.

If you are friends with a user, than each of you automatically follow each other, and you will share both levels of content in your feeds (‘Public’ and ‘Friends Only’ posts).

They recommend you only befriending people you actually know or want to know. Trust us on this one!

How Can I withdraw money from Tsu

You can withdraw your potential earning via a check or paypal check payments takes upto 30 days to arrive at your door step while paypal payments will be processed in up to 10 days

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If u have any concern or Question regarding tsu leave a msg or call me at 00923125904061


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